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A Shortfilm by Divina Kuan

What's left for an actor who thinks he has done it all? Simon is convinced that he has played every possible character and no roles can challenge him anymore. He's grown bored of acting, but there is one thing that still gets him: The question of how to perfection the role of a dead person. Since no one has ever truly experienced that state and came back to tell the tale, it poses a difficult task. Simon's quest is to accomplish just that.

06.30 min.

Premiere: International Film Festival Dresden 2017

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Franz Rogowski

Thomas Hauser


Screenplay: Divina Kuan
Director: Divina Kuan & Esther Niemeier
DoP: Ferhat Yunus Topraklar
Sound: Garip Oezdem
Make-Up: Raimund Richar-Vetter
Costume: Divina Kuan
Editor: Sarah-Christin Peter
Sound Design: Lorenz Fischer
Title: Alexander Suchy


Der Simulant_Poster V5.jpg
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