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The Manicuristas

A Shortfilm by Divina Kuan

A young woman enters a nail studio to redeem her voucher for „Magic Nails“ given to her by her ex girlfriend. What is awaiting her isn’t just new gel-nails, but a ritual with magical nails which are supposed to free her from her evil spirits.

13.04 min.


Criselda Crescini

Lola Fuchs

Li Yuan

World Premiere: Oaxaca Film Festival X 2019

Europe Premiere: Interfilm Film Festival 2019

Die Manikuristas Divina Kuan.jpg
Die Manikuristas - Divina Kuan
Die Manikuristas - Divina Kuan
Smoke Die Manikuristas Divina Kuan
Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 6.01.33 PM
Criselda in The Manicuristas Divina Kuan
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